Our Story

Tower Group was formed by the merger of two separate companies. The main goal of unification of a construction company and a project management company is “to build a better society”.

Vision that consolidates us:

For short term prospective to be the best and the most reliable construction company in the local market. Our long term plan and vision for future is concealed in penetrating the global market. We are convinced that in the near future Tower Group will be the company of your choice.

Mission that consolidates us:

We make a positive difference for People and the Planet through our Performance. Putting emphasis on the quality we are looking for a mutually beneficial cooperation. Tower Group aims to deliver for the customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices.

We believe that this is the cornerstone for success in every endorsement.

We believe that we can make a better planet for the people we care through outstanding performance.

Our Clients

Proudly  Presenting Our Clients